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Moz Piri Piri is another favourite of mine! It is a Piri Piri varient that I brought back from Mozambique. The chillies grows a little bigger than my Piri Piri. Another very prolific plant, and certainly one I will grow every year. It isn’t as spicy as my Piri Piri but still a fantastic chilli for sauces, cooking or my favourite…Piri Piri Chicken!

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9 reviews for Moz Piri Piri

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    Easy to grow, and very productive! I planted only 1 seed, and it sprouted very quickly. Pods have a good size with a lot of meat (for this kind of pepper), and are very tasty/fruity. I really like them for cooking. They have a good heat, but not too much. Perfect to spice up almost every meal. They are especially good as a dried spice. This is definately a must have in the garden.

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    Doug (verified owner)

    I grew these last year – 10 out of 10 seeds germinated… transplanted all 10 plants into the ground and they thrived – tremendous production – they reached around 4-5 feet high. Good heat but not overwhelming, nice sweet flavor – perfect for mild to medium level sauce making if not adding any other peppers. Dried out they make a great crushed red pepper. I ground the pepper mash into powder and it has a lot of kick. Very versatile… perhaps the perfect pepper?

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    Bill C (verified owner)

    Just germinated -14 days on 3 of 5 cells planted

    • blank


      What temperature do you have your propagator set to Bill?

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    Don (verified owner)

    I live in California, USA. I purchased four varieties of peppers from Shaun. Happy to report 100% germination which is impressive as I dont get that high percentage even with domestic seeds.

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    Elvijs Lankovskis-Kekis

    I am sorry, but I have a qoestion.
    Can I order seeds to Latvia? And how many seeds are in one package?
    I really need to order seeds for next season.

    • blank


      Hello! There are at least 10 seeds in each variety, unless otherwise specified.
      I ship globally, but there is always a risk of being taken by customs. However, the majority of orders I’ve sent to Latvia and elsewhere in Europe, have arrived fine.

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    Jody Hatch (verified owner)

    100% germination and my only regret is that I didn’t start more plants. I live in Alaska. My two plants did very well in the greenhouse and I have one outside loaded with flower buds. I am going to try to overwinter one. It is a beautiful and productive plant! Thank you.

  7. blank

    Michael Diggle (verified owner)

    I was excited to compare this and CC Piri Piri after watching Shaun’s YouTube video updates and reviews. As with the CC Piri Piri, suoerwuick delivery of seeds, 100% germination and very impressive and productive large plants. Definitely one I’ll be growing again.

  8. blank

    Chris Saville (verified owner)

    I shall be buying my Chilli seeds from Chillichump for next year. The Moz Piri Piri I grew had a 100% germination rate as did the Sugar Rush Stripeys I bought from here. The plants grew strongly and were extremely prolific. Excellent quality fresh seed, superb plants with lots and lots of fruit. I’ll definitely grow these again. Thanks Shaun for the quality of the seeds you are producing!

    • blank


      Thank you for the review Chris! I’m so glad you have had a great experience with our seeds. It means a lot to us

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    J.J. (verified owner)

    An amazing Piri Piri variety. Very productive, even under less then ideal circumstances. The pods grow significantly larger than an average Bird’s Eye and have a great flavor; fruity and slightly smoky. Ideal chili for any home grower.

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